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cmfsunil | Submitted

While there are a wide variety of drinks available in the market, the Indian army seems to have a liking for rum brands over the others. Rum has even found its way into the military rum ration.
With a doubt, coke is the best ally to our favorite rum. In summers, we prefer to have it on the rocks style and in winters with coke and warm water, but have you pondered what goes into the making of our favorite and smoothest rum?
Rum is an alcoholic beverage that needs no introduction as its bittersweet taste speaks for itself. Anybody who loves to drink is familiar with the spirited taste of rum!

Especially during winters, our day is incomplete without taking a sip of it while contemplating about how our day went.
Winter is coming and all of us need to stock up on our favorite spirits. But did you know that making home infused and naturally flavored rum at home could be fun and lip-smacking too?

This article tells you everything you need to know about creating the perfect pineapple infusion. Pineapple and rum is an old favorite combination. The sweetness and fruitiness of the pineapple merge perfectly w
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