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Being a stay at home mom is so tough. I am beyond thankful that Charlie's dad works as hard as he does so that I can be home with him.
Do you give your children a little gift? Since the baskets are from the "easter bunny"..?I never have before.. but this year they both had been eyeing...
I didn't know chat rooms were still around. I haven't been in one for years. I love! It is kind of like a chat room to me.
This poor mother was banned from Facebook for sharing a photo of her baby who was born with severe birth defects. I am so sick of hear these awful stories about...
Nevertheless, it's said that chrysanthemum and lotus flowers symbolize happiness and fertility, whereas the iris stands for non secular liberty. To the Kurds in West Iran, a gaggle of 4 roses is the sacred tree of life, representing divine energy and everlasting life. Others have Watteauesque pictorial scenes or historic motifs from Assyria.

The odds are high. Even if it is only one time. One time is all it takes. If you do not want to get pregnant DO NOT have unprotected sex. Leah Carlson reply at
I have heard that if gifted children are bored they can get themselves into mischief trying to entertain themselves.
I live in Southern California and my daughter slept over a friends home who simply returned residence from camp. My daughter wakened the next morning complaining of her head itching, so I checked it and "BAMMMM" there they had been "LICE" all over the place!
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